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Founder + Creative Director

My name is Joy. I have always loved the idea of being an entrepreneur. I was inspired to start-up this outfit after trying out several jobs as a graduate and not finding fulfilment in any. In my interactions, I figured there is a burning need by/for people to wear quality clothing and I decided to meet that need believing greatly in the beauty of our home made creations. In order to maximize my free time and also support myself and my family, and also taking into consideration my passion for the creative arts my tailoring career kick-started. I buy fabrics and turn them into beautiful pieces of clothing. Presently, I make variety a of styles, designs, and trending fashion piece for both men, women and children.

joy ukaibe

Joy Ukaibe

About Us

About us

JFJ Needle & Thread is a fabric and sewing enterprise focused in bringing you beautiful dressmaking fabrics, inspiring sewing patterns with unique designs. We’re also spreading the joy of making people look comfortable in what we deliver to our clients.

We believe in changing clothes and mindsets, rather than being told we should change our bodies. We believe the notion that beauty can be measured in numbers is way past its expiration date—and that we are undeniable proof. We design modern, elegant sewing patterns that make you look amazing, just as you are. You deserve a wardrobe that exudes personality and style, and you are just the person to make it.


To be a leading tailoring house in Nigeria.
Creating community through fashion while offering the best in innovation and quality.

To be the go-to fashion destination for everyone.


To create a lifestyle through affordable solutions of up-to-date fashion needs and superb delivery. 

To be a strategic influence in the fashion industry delivery. 


To constantly search for improvements, be consistent in trends and best practice.


To deliver results

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